Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm losing my edge

There was a blizzard in Houston, Texas a couple weeks ago.

It was the first time it had snowed there since 1977 or 1978.

I found that interesting.

I have been reading a novel called The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay.

It is really good; it won the Pullitzer.

One of the characters joins the Navy in 1941.

He gets sent to the South Pole to monitor the German U-boats.

The furnace exhaust vents in the sleeping quarters get blocked with snow, which kills 42 out of the 44 men staioned there in their sleep.

It occurs during the nine months of dark, and he and the other survivor go a bit loopy.

I also found that interesting.

So, I read my journal from the wedding.

It wasn't that good, but more of a just-the-facts-ma'am narration.

Except for one line, which cracked us up.

I described the wedding day.

I talked about the ceremony, which, as you can see, was beautiful.

The meal.

It was all quite lovely.

Like I you can see.

Anyway, after scribbling away about the flowers, my gorgeous bride, the ceremony, the calamari and the cake, I wrote...

"After that, we went to the room and hung out."