Saturday, October 07, 2006

You got a reaction
You got a reaction, didn't you?



The thing with Tony and my birthday was a joke you friggin' numbskulls.

(And he is still in the band. He just piped up and said we need to work a couple Tenacious D songs into the repertoire, which absolutely works for me.)

I figured you would surmise that from the whole teenage girl-style fit over a friend forgetting a birthday. And if that didn't do it, I thought for sure the whole "smashing his pumpkins and not caring if his kids cry" made it pretty obvious, but I guess my past gig as a heartless lawyer made that all-too-believable.

Well, here is a little piece of irony for you: I have no idea when Tony's birthday is.

Anyway... mom is here. She is still sleeping.

I spent a bunch of time cleaning up for her visit, but my place is still a mess. (Destiny came last Thursday and a lot of mess has happened since then.)

It is a rainy, cold, crappy day.

(Snow above 6000 feet, though! Woo-hoo!)

Doodlebug is on my lap.

Barney is at my feet.

I am going to get some coffee.