Saturday, February 11, 2006

With every mistake
We must surely be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps.

I ate this monstrous stir-fry that India whipped up.

Then, yesterday, I had lunch at a Korean grill and had some really awesome spicy chicken & veggie dish.

At some point I also had some southwestern black bean soup.

Right now, I think I owe it to society at large to register my ass as a lethal weapon with the authorities.

Keep small children, pregnant women and people with heart conditions away. Far away.



If you are reading this today, check your work email & call my cell. I am boarding today, but I wanted to talk about your trip.

Readers- did I mention, my old buddy Carp and his lovely bride are coming to visist me and Bells in may?



I gotta run...

but, here are some pictures of ferocious wildlife taken just moments ago. Be careful, mate, she's very VERY DANGEROUS. (read in Steve Irwin voice for maximum effect.)

She is just vicious. Look at her control her victim.

Note the shirt and season pass. India thinks I am going to give myself away when I wear this shirt.

Have a good day.

I see blue skies.