Saturday, July 01, 2006

Baby, don't it feel like heaven right now?
Don't it feel like something from a dream?

Today is the big wedding day for UJ and Carmela. We did the rehearsal dinner last night, and I enjoyed my time with such luminaries as FinnDawg, Antuan, UJ and Carmela.

Let's hope the weather holds, as it does not look promising, and there is no plan "B."

I took some photos last night, and my camera's battery died.

I am going to borrow one from my dad.

I received an email from Quagmire, my buddy who keeps a blog called Weak Bladder Blues.

We grew up in the Dam together.

Quagmire is on a quest to become the most educated man in America. After obtaining a college degree, a master's and a PhD, he decided that wasn't enough, and he enrolled in medical school last fall.

I think he did it to force me to call him Doctor Doctor.

Anyway, he is going to be doing some cross-cultural medical program in India this summer.

I am throwing it up as a guest blog, simply because I wish he would update his blog more often; he is such a funny writer.



I'm in Mumbai now and the dysentery fairy has already paid a visit.
She works quick.

The flights were OK, just delayed and long, i.e. they sucked.

Curiously, British Airways seems to think I am blind.
Seriously, my ticket was booked with me being blind.

The guy at the counter looked at me funny and said "Are you blind?" I thought he was
being an asshole about something. "No really, you're in the system as
blind and I can't change it" So for the rest of the trip I took full

I cut right to the front of the restroom line "Excuse me, blind,
pardon me, blind coming through"

When they caught me elbow-deep in the liquor cart "ooops sorry, blind"

I picked up a stray dog at Heathrow and made him my travelling
companion for the rest of that day. "excuse me sir, you're seeing-eye
dog just ate my pretzels and is now humping my leg."

When I got to Mumbai at 4 AM, there was one of those guys holding a
sign with my name on it. He was my guide back to my hotel that night.

With him was a big, bearded, long-blond-haired dude. The dude
introduced himself as Lassa, "From Nooor-vaaayy". Lassa goes to med
school in Poland and is in the same program I am in over here.

We cabbed it to the hotel and the guide showed us to a room and said here
you go. Lassa and I had a "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" moment:
there was Lassa and I staring at a single, very small bed.

Me: There's another room, right?
Guide: No, you have to share this one.
Lassa: Eees der anoodah bed?
Guide: Ummmm, no.

That's right. The 250-pound Viking and I were bunk-mates for the
night. Lassa slapped me on the back and said "Vee are going to get
zooo romantic tooo-niiihyt!". We had known each other for 37 minutes
at this point. I think I got about 28 seconds of sleep last night.
Supposedly we are moving to the dormitory later this evening where we
are to each get our own bed. Oh, the opulence.

Well, I should head out. We have Indian food scheduled to be
delivered to the love nest in 20 min. Since they follow Indian
Standard Time (IST) here, it will arrive in about 3 hours.