Saturday, December 03, 2005

The guitar players look damaged; they've been outcasts all their lives.
Me, I'm waiting so patiently... lying on the floor.

I apologize that there were no updates here this week.

I have a few things going on that are fairly all-consuming, and that I am not really at liberty to write about... So, I took a little break from the bloggeroo.

I was in Minneapolis all week, and I am back home in Wisconsin now, seeing family. I head back to Minneapolis tomorrow, and then back here next weekend.

I just met my little 9 month-old nephew (and namesake) for the first time yesterday. What a cute little feller. Quiet, too.

And I got to see T-Rex, Alison and Baby Bird. Wow, I haven't seen her in 6 months and it is amazing how fast kids grow.

I wish I had some more time here.

I'll try to write a little more.

See you around.

Keep it real.

Real stupid.