Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alone, restless

I digitized some old photos.

There are also some new pictures.

Check my dragon, dude.

It's okay to acknowledge the rampant badassery.

Rampant, I tell you.

Swing from the heels.

(Check out Carp and Pat, Prom, 1986. Rock.)

Sunday's on the phone to Monday.

Most of my time is spent evaluating ideas.

(^Leningrad, 1987. Bells, Nanner, Brig, Doepke, me, Kelly Guse, Dana Durfee. Stephanie Stehling, Kari Norenberg, and Mr. P. Just after we graduated high school. That is some serious mojo.)

I'm an idea man, Chuck.

Who do you think you will vote for?

(^^Quagmire, Graduation, 1987.)

(Quagmire. again. Nice shorts. Grrrr.)

Hilary Clinton makes me a bit queasy for some reason.


Not that I wouldn't mind having a broad with her finger on the button.

(Step back and look at that last sentence. It's beautiful, really.)

^^Montana is unsightly. The armpit of America.

There is snow in the mountains. I hope it will be a bountiful winter.

((K-Top--- It's coming. I have a good setup for us to play with. For the initial volley, I want to make it count. Give me ten days. 609 S. Spring.))

I had lunch today with a famous Duke basketball player. He was a really good dude, which is remarkable, because I hate Duke.

Antuan likes Duke. Figures. He probably folds his underwear.

Barbecue sauce + brisket + chili cheese grits = Heaven.

I watched two oustanding movies recently- Perfume, Story of a Murderer and Winter Passing. Perfume was an absolute knockout. I don't even want to say anything about it. Winter Passing will make you cry.

^^^The kids.

Gotta go.

Big day tomorrow.

My punch card is finally full.

Free latte.



(^^Acknowledge my badassitude. Kneel before Zod.)

See you around.

I can't tell you why

I hate the fuckin Eagles, man.

It has been too long.

I have been busy with other things.

My mom was out for a nice visit.

I have been playing guitar.

Working on my art project with K-Top. I have all my supplies, and have launched a few sorties.

I have been working.

Working things out.

Keeping it real.

Like O.J.

Orenthal James Simpson.

He was the first player in the NFL to rush for 2000 yards, in 1973. He did it in a 14 game season. They now play 16 games. His record stood until 1997, when Barry Sanders broke it.

So you better recognize.

Or else OJ will cut you.