Friday, July 29, 2005

Doesn't matter if it's good; it only matters if it rocks. The main thing that we do is to rock your socks off.

Query below: Do I believe Sasquatch exists?

My response: I believe many things... I believe in spicy chicken apple sausage links for breakfast. I believe that you need to know when to throw heat, and where to throw junk. I believe KG gets down with the classical sauce.

I believe that the Red Sox should have never let Pedro Martinez and Dave Roberts go. I believe that the United States sent troops to Iraq for one reason, told the public it was for another reason, and now has no clue how or when we are getting out.

I believe in manual transmissions. I believe that the day it dropped 30 inches of fresh snow overnight on St. Patricks Day at Snowbird was one the best days of my life. (Get some, Dawg!) I believe Chief Joseph made the U.S. Military look like fools for 1100 miles, and I believe you should read his surrender speech. I believe in Radiohead.

I believe people should read more. I believe in the medium rare ribeye. I believe there is no time like the present. I believe in the "single" line at the chairlift. I believe the glowing suitcase held the soul of Marcellus Wallace.

I believe in the National Park System; without it, we'd be up to our eyeballs in golf courses, assholes and condos in the very best places in our country. I believe Coppola never should have made Godfather III. I believe that all you need are three chords and the truth.

I believe OJ got away with murder. I believe the Northern Harrier Hawks have left my meadow because the juveniles can now fend for themselves and because a pair of large red-tailed hawks have taken over the territory. I believe in free will, not determinism. I believe in Vonnegut.

I believe in testing yourself. I believe in the sweet spot.

I believe all these things.

But I do not believe Sasquatch exists. At least not on this planet, under that name.