Wednesday, January 09, 2008

One day his woman ran off with another guy
Hit young Rocky in the eye

Google can suck my oysters.

The following are excerpts of recent emails ---

I stole that "PUBES PUBES PUBES" bumper sticker picture from you and I put it on my blog.

I am hereby informing you of the aforementioned copyright "infringement."

Dude, my lawyers told me to put that shit in quotes. I think I "infringed," but they are trying to spin it towards "impinged."

Impinging ain't anything like infringeing.

And I'm not sure if "impinge" is even word. I may have just made it up.


Besides the band and snowboarding, any job?

I haven't touched a volleyball since you left. I have an 11 year old that loves the game and a 14 year old caught up in DRAMA!! GIRLS GIRLS...They both are involved in basketball right now...That's what has been keeping me busy. It was great to hear from you...BEHAVE and it sounds like you are enjoying LIFE...


Trust me, you don't wanna work there anyway, if that is how they run their business...

If I sounded like a bitch right there, forgive me. Managing and dealing with [redacted] has been my life (as it has been in your job) for quite a while now. I have nothing to complain about and I know it. I'm white, I'm [redacted] (in either sense of the word), I snowboard with world-class athletes, my girlfriend is a rock star, and I can play guitar ... so don't worry, I've got perspective.

Anyway, fuck that trick-ass place. Sounds like they aren't ready for prime-time E-Dog, anyway.


Joe -

Get this...

Your blog site is now blocked at work, but I can get to RSS Feeds. Do you know if your blog is doing the RSS Feeds and if so, what is the URL?

The injustice in this world is out of control.

[name redacted]


Your girl would love it here in the summer, man. It is Fucking Awesome.

Truly, dude, I live in God's country.

A friday-Monday would be cool. or longer if you can swing it. The only time I would avoid it is May and the first two weeks in June, unless you wanna whitewater...




Thanks, Bro. I truly appreciate the offer and I think about your previous invitation every time I see your pics but things in my neck of the woods are tenuous at best right now. [redacted]

I was Director of Operations for a large [redacted] that was sold by my owners to our main competitor in September ( a story for another time, I’m still too angry).

To make a long story short, I am the last man standing in management from my previous company and am lucky enough to be managing a [redacted] for the [redacted], which is supposed to be the model for many to come.

Iif all goes well.

I can take a Fri or Mon off here and there no problem, but if I’m going to go big at big sky country I want to be able to see the place and annoy the locals on the slopes.

Again, that’s huge of you to make such a generous offer and [redacted]. In all honesty, what I miss the most about [redacted] was the summers and the hiking up to the glacier lakes north of [redacted].

By the by, [redacted] if you ever need a ride, a place to stay, restaurant suggestion, beer drinking and fish-taco-eating compadre, or a tour guide of the best strip clubs/whorehouses in [redacted] drop me a line when you come out to the West coast next time.

Thanks again, Joe.


As for [redacted], I am a [redacted]. Need one? I'm gooooood...

B*@^%, as for your "suggestion," I refuse to behave.

Send pictures of your kids.

Say hi to [redacted] for me...


Joe, You are [redacted].

And so is your chick.

Hope you guys had a good holiday.

I just got back from a week in Park City, so I'm hungry for some more 'boarding.

Are you around in late January, early February if I can get a trip on the books?

Take care bro -- talk to you soon.


p.s. I've lost my bookmark for your blog. Can you send me the link?


Screw you, Waterface.

Give it up or I'm coming after you.

I know where you live and even if you run, you'll never be able to hide.


How sweet is KG?!?!

I have changed my computer password from Larry to KG!


Dude, you're pathetic.

I'm buying a hi-hat.

Joe, You're the man.

I need to call you.

I'm getting married in august and started up my own capital management firm. (Just kidding about the last part).

(but, ?!?! about the first part?!?!

Hope you're doing well man and still catching some snow days. I have a long weekend in february planned ...

Take it easy man, [redacted]


What the fuck are you talking about, dude? The Chinaman is not the issue. I'm talking about unchecked aggression.


That is sweet. That is my favorite Pearl Jam song. Her voice is really bluesy and that line "full moon shining on your Camaro's hood" encapsulates 'America' in the sense that Bruce Springsteen tried to yell about for so long.




Lately something's changed
It ain't hard to define
Jesse's got himself a girl
And I want to make her mine

We have a lead guitar player and another singer in the Mitten.


Omar, the "I WILL KILL YOUR DOG" guy, was a rock star in Pakistan. He is legit.

We've now played together three times, and dude can lay down some leads and sing.

He and his wife, Wilma (for real, and if you're wondering, a lovely native Idahoan) had us over for dinner.

One thing led to another and we ended up playing some music.

We actually, for real, did some three-part harmony over acoustic guitar, which was in-credible.

Really, really nice.

I am fairly stoked.

Sunday, I am taking Omar, his guitar, the amplifiers, the pedals, the Les Paul, the acoustic-electric, a new hi-hat, the bass and the mic over to Bells' house.

This one will be just the boys, gettin' down.

No Girls Allowed.

There will be homemade beer, Bells-style.

The plan is to lay down some mighty mighty and see what comes of it.

Hi, if you're reading this.

I've had some strange traffic patterns lately.

A bunch of hits from the McMurdo base on Antartica.

What up?

You guys keeping the eggs warm on top of your feet?

Mmmm. Eggs.

I wonder what penguin bacon tastes like.

Probably pretty damn good.

There are only so many people on this earth who can pull off a fez and a feather boa.

I thank the Lord every day I am one of them.