Thursday, August 18, 2005

I wish I was a messenger and all the news was good. I wish I was the full moon shinin off your camaro's hood.

I aim to please, even anonymous commenters:

And this I know, his teeth as white as snow. What a gas it was to see him walk her every day, into a shady place.

Knock it off. No, really. Knock it off.

Overwhelmed by the daunting task at hand, his mind wandered, drifting to other, easier, guilty thoughts.

Baby steps were required. Better to stay focused on the here and now. Eyes forward. Pay attention. Chipping away with an ice-ax, kicking out each step necessary for the inexorable climb.

A dizzying zoom-out provided him with a glimpse of "the big picture." The big picture is terrifying. Quitting is easy. Too easy. Soft comfort lies below. No more pain.

It brought to mind a saying he hated, usually delivered with an air of self-righteousness, "You want to have your cake and eat it, too."

Honestly, what the fuck else are you going to do with cake?

Screw them. Who wants to die without any scars anyway?

Get down, get down.
Jungle Boogie. Jungle Boogie.
Get down with the boogie.

VINCENT: So if you're quitting the life, what'll you do?

JULES: That's what I've been sitting here contemplating. First, I'm gonna deliver this case to Marsellus. Then, basically, I'm gonna walk the earth.

VINCENT: What do you mean, walk the earth?

JULES: You know, like Caine in "KUNG FU." Just walk from town to town, meet people, get in adventures.

VINCENT: How long do you intend to walk the earth?

JULES: Until God puts me where he want me to be.

VINCENT: What if he never does?

JULES: If it takes forever, I'll wait forever.

VINCENT: So you decided to be a bum?

JULES: I'll just be Jules, Vincent -- no more, no less.