Sunday, January 07, 2007

I got silence
On my radio
Let the airwaves flow
Let the airwaves flow

You have no idea how sore my fingers are.

They feel like they got stepped on.

The sad thing is, just like every junkie, I just can't stop playing.

I got it bad.

(I hate that ^^ picture. Awful. Boooo-ring.)

Actually, I am not kidding.

((Me and Jimmy. Looking good, if I don't say so myself.))

(((I am a tool. If I had any friends, I' be lining up an all-night Dungeons and Dragons game. Oh, you don't think I have a 12-sided dice? In my sock drawer? Well guess again, homslice... I have the whole friggin set. So don't step to me with any weak-ass orcs or trolls or any of that shit. Nuh-uh. You betta recognize wit a quickness. If you ain't throwin' some acid-breathin' black dragon at me, you best check yoself, yo. For real. I'm-a smack yo ass sideways wit my Dungeon Master's Guide.

Punk-ass bitch.)))

This^^^ and the next few are from exactly one year ago.

When you're really rockin', and I mean really rockin...

Well, shoot, anything's possible.