Friday, July 01, 2005

Now maybe you've felt like this before, but it's my first time,
So please ignore these next few lines because they're directed at you...

I just read that another person was bitten on the ankle by a "shark" on the Gulf Coast of Florida. How can they be sure it wasn't a mutant catfish?

Ran, unpacked a few boxes, took the dawgs for a waddle (they were whupped after the climb in Sypes Canyon...), and I am now hooking up our old computer in some sort of attempt to transfer files to the new computer. This particular task is well outside my skill set, so I will be interested to see how it turns out.

We also need to landscape the yards in both houses, but good fortune has shined on us again. Our renter's father is doing all the landscaping of the common areas in our homeowner's association. Handy dandy. We will go back to the barter system, and exchange landscaping services in lieu of rent.

It is a gorgeous day here, and the weekend should be really nice. So far, all we have is dinner plans with Mr. & Mrs. Bells. We have tenuous plans to explore the Madison River and take a strenuous hike...

Have a nice weekend.