Monday, July 24, 2006

Won't you believe it
It's just my luck

Photos from Saturday and Sunday.

A couple of juvenile osprey, chilling in a nest at the kayaking take-out.

There is an osprey flying in this picture.

When you own a big chunk of the bloody third world, the babies just come with the scenery

Weekend Recap, sans photos:

(Photos will come later. I need to upload & resize them.)

Friday, we "ate" at a place called Plonk. This is the kind of trendy place that people go to see and be seen. It serves tapas and has an exhaustive wine list. They also make some killer cocktails. Everyone who works there is beautiful.

I say we "ate" there, because we shared a salad and had two orders of spring rolls.

These spring rolls (2) were each about he size of my thumb, and half as filling.

Naturally, they came served on a plate the size of a manhole cover.

That was dinner.

At least my drink was awesome. Cucumber lemonade- cucumber vodka, lemon juice, crushed ice, "muddled" cucumbers and san pellegrino limonata. Seriously, maybe the best drink ever. Especially on a 93 degree day.

On Saturday, we drove down the Madison River valley to these two old mining towns, Virginia City and Nevada City. They both had preserved the old buildings from the 1860's, making a very "old-timey" Main Street.

Of course, it was about 98 degrees, so my enjoyment of Ye Olde Mining Towne and Taffy Shoppe was somewhat muted.

That night, I went over to Bells' house and played music until my fingers bled.

But I arrived at a heat-addled decision: I would purchase a kayak on Sunday morning, come hell or high water.

So, Sunday, I woke up, went to the Barn (ye olde outdoor equipment shoppe), and bought the same kayak Bells has. Who can be bothered with researching this type of shit? I want something that floats. Period. That's all I am looking for in a boat.

Oh, and it had to be inflatable, so I could put it in a car.

Done and done.

Then India and I floated a very slow portion of the Jefferson River, near the Lewis and Clark Caverns. It was gorgeous. We saw three osprey, a bald eagle, a deer, some kind of cormorant, a gi-normous white pelican, a black swan or goose and a bunch of ducks.

The eagle was circling and went into a 100 mph dive into the water. Pretty cool.

Then we ate at the Co-op, watched Deadwood, Entourage and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

So, that was my weekend.

Pictures to follow.

P.S. I have been to the gym every day since I joined. I have been completely seduced by the concept of working out in an air-conditioned environment. I may never go outside again.