Friday, December 08, 2006

Brand new shoes, walking blues
Climb the fence, book and pens
I can tell that we are gonna be friends

^^I love that White Stripes song.

Gonan figger it out this weekend.

I will also work out "Tiny Dancer."

I'll have time to do that.


I woke up today to a gorgeous orange-pink sunrise, clear skies and mild temperatures.

Colorado resorts have been open since mid-October, and here we sit, open, but only 10% open.

You know what that means?

Green runs.

It takes a whopping set of balls to open a resort, charge $ 40 or $ 50 for one easy-like-Sunday-morning run halfway down the hill on over-groomed, man-made snow.

They actually had the balls to advertise "6 lifts open."

6 lifts = 2 real lifts, 1 bunny slope lift and THREE MAGIC CARPETS.

I may just go there and ride the magic carpet on an endless loop, wearing my helmet and telling the duder that my 50 foot run was epic.

Because that's how I roll.

The worst part is that I'm really getting my proper bitch on here, but there is no adequate target.

I regularly shake my fist at the sky and curse Ullr. He doesn't care.

(Except for Big Sky claiming 6 lifts are open, and three of them are magic carpets. That's bullshit, and you know it.)

Anyway, sorry for being lazy on my remaining photos from my Wisconsin trip. I have some cute ones of my niece, Lucy.

I had a nice dinner with Chris and Alicia the other night.

I also just watched the whole first season of the Showtime show, "Weeds," on DVD. Excellent show. Kind of desperate housewives meets cheech and chong.

Out for now.

Have a great freaking friday.

I'm going to stick a turducken up Ullr's ass and see if that shakes out any snow.