Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Runnin' around robbin' banks
All whacked on Scooby snacks


The day after Monday.

Tomorrow is Wednesday.

I received a hefty check today.

That was good.

I will go to the gym this afternoon; do some lifting, do some running.

Later I am going to do some housecleaning.

(Note to self: use proceeds from check to hire maid?)

I will probably watch the Deadwood replay on HBO.

My favorite scenes are whenever Wu tries to explain something.

Swedgen! Cock-SUCKA!

T-Rex rolls in tomorrow morning. He has a painfully early flight, so I bet he will be wiped out when he arrives.

The weather is looking pretty gloomy, but that shouldn't stop us.

There will be camping.

There will be rounds of disc golf.

There will be laughing.

There will be music.

There will be kayaking.

There will be fishing.

There will be hiking.

In other words, just another summer day in Montana.

Montana really gets its hooks in you.

It is a strange feeling.

You will see something, more often than not, something gorgeous.

It could be a hole in a river where you know trout lurk. It could be a peak that you're curious to see. It could be a delicious-looking line that you would love to drop into on a snowboard. It could be a distant mountain range you would like to explore.

It lurks in your thoughts, and you file it on your mental to-do list.

The thing is, as you do things (hike, explore, etc.) you keep seeing new things, and adding them to your list, which grows exponentially.

Right now, my mental to-do list includes: getting a full or partial suspension mountain bike, bombing down singletrack, fishing a few beautiful holes I have seen (not telling where), hiking up Mt. Blackmore, getting onto Ted Turner's property, getting into and boarding the Yellowstone Club, boarding the nearly unexplored North Snowfield off the back of Big Sky, exploring the Crazy Mountains, rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon, summiting Broken Top, fishing Slough Creek, doing a backcountry trip in Yellowstone, doing a backcountry trip again in Glacier, doing a backcountry trip to the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and various and other sundry things too numerous to include.

Next thing you know, you are saying things I'm not sure I want to leave Montana for the next ten years for a vacation, because there is too much to do right here.

I may get night-vision goggles and forgo sleep so that I can catch up on my list.

(Note to self: snowboarding with night-vision goggles??)