Thursday, November 03, 2005

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

Well, Demi and Ashton are here.

They arrived amidst a swarm of parasitic paparazzi. I had to take off my shoe and beat a photographer with it just to get Demi into the car. A Size 11 upside the head can be a most persuasive argument.

The weather ain't exactly cooperating. It should understand and bend to the will of one of the hottest celebrity couples. It has rained/snowed for the last 36 hours. If it clears up, the views will be glorious. There is snow cover at 4500 feet and up. The webcam at Big Sky is totally obscured by gray... a good sign, to be certain.

We will take a few sloppy hikes, dine, talk about the bias against older women dating younger men, soak in hot springs, conduct bouyancy tests on Demi's "enhancements," and relax at the Casa del Duder.

I am genuinely excited that they are here. Underneath all the glitz, glamour and Punking, they are great people and we enjoy their company. It is a special treat when India and I both enjoy a couple as a unit. Demi and India know each other from back in the day, when they did a stint in County together following a sting operation on a gigolo service they were running together. After an initial period of disagreement, stemming from Demi selling India for a couple packs of smokes, they patched things up and became close friends. They watched each others' backs in the joint, and became "tight," if you catch my drift.

Once they got out, Demi hooked up with Ashton, who used to work for her at the escort service. India, of course, met me after my brief, misguided stint at the seminary, and, well, the rest is history. After a while, I met Ashton, and even after I told him that Punk'd show was wack, he was still cool. Turns out he is more than just a pretty face.

And we're totally going to Punk Dennis Quaid this weekend.

Shit, the 'razzi is here. I'm gonna go all Sean Penn on their asses.

Catch you later.