Friday, January 05, 2007

Where's that confounded bridge?

I lost my t.v. remote a few days ago.

I tore apart my house looking for it, checking the couch cushions 40 times, looking in the drawers of the coffee table, the refrigerator (why not?)... everywhere.

Well, there was one place I did not check.

The washing machine.


I washed the blanket the dog lays on a few days ago, and the remote got a nice warm/cold wash.

It still works, too.


In other developments, I think the knuckles on my left hand are developing arthritis from playing too much guitar. Plus, the pinkie of that hand was severely dislocated during a volleyball game a few years ago. (That was disgusting. It was bent 90 degrees to the side. Just disgusting. I almost passed out when my friend, Dr. Dan, popped it back into place. Good times.)

I'm gonna have to live with it, though.

I just gotta rock.


Why the F is the college football title game not being played until January 8th?

I cared about it, briefly, for a period between January 1 and January 3.

Now I am half past give a shit with it.