Saturday, December 08, 2007

When I walk beside her, I am the better man
When I look to leave her, I stagger back again

Shattered glass and broken dreams.

Things never turn out, it seems.

Love fades.

Dinosaurs become fossils.

Speaking of dinosaurs, we played at a Montana State University Christmas party last night at the Museum of the Rockies. Aside- Montana is full of dead dinosaurs. Jack Horner, lives here. He is a famous paleontologist, and the main character in Jurrasic Park was based on him... I think he was some kind of an advisor for that film. Anyway, Bozeman is dinosaur central, and the Museum of the Rockies is, well, full of dinosaur stuff.

I believe they also have laser shows. Whoa. Dude.

There were a lot of people there. It was catered and people were drinking and eating and talking. I wore a suit, a nice one, something I haven't done since I was a lawyer. It was noisy. Were were to play at a certain time. It was kind of funny. The dean said something like, "It is 5:15. At 5:45, I am going to give a speech, welcome everyone, and you will play at 5:49."

Well, I don't wear a watch any more. It is something I stopped doing when I stopped charging people exorbitant sums of money for my time in six minute increments.

So I said to the Dean, "Dean, I don't have a watch. I need to tune my guitar. Can you give me the high sign a couple minutes beforehand?"

He looked at me like I was some kind of crazy man. What I saw written across his face was, "We have been talking for 90 seconds. It is now 5:17. In twenty-eight minutes, I will clink my glass. Within seconds, silence will descend, because, after all, I am the boss. I would suggest that you, sir, begin tuning your guitar in approximately twenty-four - make that twenty-three - minutes."

Aside- again- he was a really nice guy, please don't get me wrong. Everyone there was really nice. It's just that this party had a beginning, a middle, and an end. We played between the middle and the end.

(Dad- by the way- don't bother with the wireless keyboard. This thing is getting on my last fucking nerve.)

Like a revelation from on high, I just decided to tune my guitar right then. But, like I said, it was loud, so I had to fetch a museum employee and ask her to take me to a quiet place.

I ended up setting my tuner on a triceratops skull roughly the size of my car.

I had to smile.

It went well. Afterwards, we went to a nice dinner with a finance professor.

Before all that, I spent the day snowboarding with three of my friends. I should be more specific... I only have three friends in Bozeman, really. Most of my social scene is the result of being with Stanette. She is really popular and has a huge social circle.

I don't.

I have Bells, who has been my best friend since we were 13. That is 25 years, if you are into the whole "math" thing.

The other two guys are Mike McC and Tricky.

McC built my house, and he was the first guy I met in Bozeman, before I even moved here. I was visiting on the sly, purchasing a home and making arrangements before resigning from my job, the school board and all the other stuff I had going in the Dam. He is a great guy, and actually, he is going to be working with me. He is making a huge life change himself, which I absolutely understand and respect.

Tricky is a lawyer here in Bozeman. We met through a Google search he did that turned up this blog. He is a righteous dude who moved here about the same time I did. He's from Georgia, like Stanette.

I convinced Tricky to take the day off, and I told my boss not to expect me since I would be entertaining our new recruit, McC. It didn't take my renowned powers of persuasion to convince Bells to come, since it was $15 Day at Moonlight Basin.

The snow conditions are about the same as they were in mid-February last year. We had a great day. I was riding a board I bought at a pawn shop, because I didn't want to risk my good (expensive) board on early season conditions.

That, and the accompanying headaches that come with using something purchased at a fucking pawn shop, wasn't necessary.

It was cool to break in a new season playing hooky with my three friends. It was low-key. There was a lot of laughter.

Things turned south later on, at the end of the evening, but sometimes that is the way it goes.

If every day were like yesterday...


Wearin' her high heeled shoes
And her low-neck sweater

It's kind of like heaving your steaming bulk on to the beach.

It is, And you know you'll never get back, get back to where you once belong.

This is the last time the Beatles played live. I know, fuck the Beatles. But listen.