Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sitting in a bar, tippling a jar in Jackson. And on the street the summer sun it shines.

This big boy was just hanging out in Jackson.

Jackson is a cool town.

Saw this little guy on the way into town.

Downtown Jackson...

The Dude, signaling a touchdown in Australian Rules football.

Had a steak in the famous Cowboy Bar. The barstools are saddles.

The Dad, who begat the Dude.

See you around.

Everything is O-Tay.

Staple it together and call it bad weather.

Took a big hike the other day. Up, up, up from the valley floor, about 3000 feet and several miles, to a place called Ampitheater Lake.

It was so pretty it hurt.

Then I scrambled another 1000 feet or so up to the summit of Disappointment Peak and perched like a monkey on a boulder for some photos of Grand Teton and Middle Teton.

That is my foot. That is also a loooooooong way down.

Have a lovely day.

Come on Holly, gimme some of that English lovin'.
If I did that, Jack, I'd have a bun in the oven.

Bumper stickers seen in Jackson Hole...

Who doesn't, really?

That kind of says it all, no?

Watching girls go passing by
It ain't the latest thing
I'm just standing in a doorway...

I'm not waitin' on a lady.

I'm just waitin' on a friend.

And after you have seen that ^^^, and you ae walking down the trail, awestruck, you come to a switchback, your IPod telling you that you have waited here, everlong, and you look to your right, and see this, tucked away in a boulder.

Well, it makes you wonder... does Nietschke have an "S" in him?