Thursday, October 18, 2007

I don't care what they may say

Vess- disregard my email. I was talking about Into the Wild, by the same author... which is also a movie out right now.

I have read Into Thin Air. I enjoyed it.

I have not read Into the Wild, nor have I seen the movie, but I downloaded the soundtrack a couple weeks ago, and I have been enjoying it... But if you read this blog, you know that Ed Vedder is just alright with me. (He did the whole soundtrack without Pearl or Jam.)

Or is that Jesus?

No wait, Jesus is just alright with the Doobie Brothers.

My weekend is starting to take shape, much like Richard Dreyfuss' mashed potato sculpture of Devil's Tower in Close Encounters.

For one, we're going to leave the house.

Looks like we're gonna brave the elements, and do a hike. I will take pictures, because I know my readers, and there have been too many of these pesky words and not enough purty pictures lately.

We may very well go see that Into the Wild flick.

There will probably be some running and/or a gym visit.

For weeks, we have been meaning to go to this place called "the Boiling River," just inside Yellowstone. There is a very hot spring in the Gardiner River that people go soak in. I guess it is quite an adventure because of the currents. You could be hanging in some toasty 103 degree water, and then the current shifts... boom 40 degrees. Hello shrinkage!

And then, we have vowed to re-visit the pulled pork feast of a month or so ago. That was the first go-round, and the technique has been perfected.

Don't worry, Vess. I'll share the recipie with you.