Monday, July 11, 2005

Broke our mirrors; Sunday morning... is every day for all I care.
I'm not scared; light my candles. In a daze 'cause I've found God.

There are a lot of gangs here in Bozeman. They all want me to join because I am pretty good with a bo-staff. These guys were after me today.

We just took our dogs for a waddle, and Puck took it upon himself to bring a very dead, extremely decayed ground squirrel into the house, unbeknownst to us. You would have thought he had filet mignon. Even the ravens had given up on this thing. But he was so damn proud, you wouldn't believe it. It was unbelievably disgusting. India almost puked.

Today was rather uneventful. Took the day off from running. I had to go for a blood draw for some tests (they are trying to find the source of my superpowers), then we grabbed breakfast and dropped some things off at the Salvation Army. I had a pretty good feeling that Jesus would be showing up soon, so I placed my bet.

Note the shirt...

I spoke with Will Danger for a while. He and his wife will be stopping to visit after they attend a wedding in Helena after Labor Day. This is Dan, Will Danger and me, respectively, keeping it extremely real at Vail.

Dan lives in Napa and Will Danger lives in The Gig, near Seattle.

Later, I went out for a couple hours to an appointment and to grab lunch at the co-op. Since then, I have spent several hours in the Den/Office/Laboratory, which India has graciously allowed me to make into my domain. I unpacked and shelved my books and maps. Due to the move to a smaller house, my little library has been culled and pared down to the essentials- Bukowski, Vonnegut, Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiassen, Irvine Welsh, James Ellroy, William Burroughs, Edward Abbey, Goodkind, Chuck Palahniuk, Neal Stephenson, Hemingway, The Dark Tower, the Lord of the Rings, and some reference books.

I also unpacked and arranged my guitars, didgeridoo, & drum. Wouldn't that be a spicy three-piece combo?

I also unpacked some African masks, an Elvis mask, and my fez and my feather boa.

In the paradigm of unpacking and settling in, it was my most productive day in weeks. In the exploration and adventure paradigm, it was the most unproductive day in weeks. I didn't even make it to my first ashtanga yoga class, as I had planned.

I will get out of the house and interact more with nature later this week. I have plans to summit Sacajawea, a nearly 10,000 foot peak in the Bridgers that overlooks Bozeman to get some pictures of the city per the request of Will Danger.

I may wear the boa. Because you never know when you may need to be fabulous.