Sunday, June 01, 2008

Oh please believe me
I'd hate to miss the train
Oh yeah
And if you leave me
I won't be late again
Oh no

Put on your patience cap and listen to that. Watch it.

Those guys hadn't performed a concert for five or six years. I believe they played Shea Stadium in '66 and the crowd screamed louder than the amps and the P.A. could put out. They said, "Fuck it." They decided to just make records and not play live. After that, they decided they would just focus on studio albums.

They made Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album, Abbey Road and Let It Be.

The White Album and Let It Be are my personal favorites.

All these videos come from Let It Be.

They knew they were done, as a band. They (Paul) wanted to record their last album, and get back onstage and perform their final album as a final concert.

They finished the album, but they hated each other so much, that they couldn't agree on where or when, plus John and George just weren't that into it.

In interviews with the band, they admit that Billy Preston (the black organ player in the videos whom I want to ressurect, kidnap and make him play the organ in the corner of my living room whenever I walk in) was the reason they were civil enough to actually make the record. They respected him a lot (wouldn't you?), and they were on their best behavior.

They finished the album, and they just couldn't agree about the concert. Paul was into it, but George and John didn't give a shit. I imagine Ringo shrugged and checked his badass red vinyl jacket in the mirror.

So, the band just set up on the roof of Apple Studios and played a set.

And that was the last time all four of them played together. John got shot in 1980. George died of cancer in 2001. Paul's wife died and he married a one-legged gold-digger.

Ringo shrugged and checked his badass red vinyl jacket in the mirror.

I know I have pimped these videos a lot, and actually learned these songs on guitar, but that is the (I think mostly accurate) story behind them.