Wednesday, May 17, 2006

When it comes to all night living
I know what I'm giving
I've got it all down to a tee
And it's free

We are winding down some of our favorite shows... We are on the final dvd of the final season of Six Feet Under, and there are only two (!) episodes left of The Sopranos. (Plus, the finale of 24 is next week.)

I know we are a year behind on Six Feet Under, but, man... it has been intense. I will miss this show. It has been, by turns, weird, hilarious, disturbing and wildly entertaining.

The same things could be said of the Sopranos, which has been getting darker and darker (and gayer) as the series reaches its conclusion. It's really too bad that it is over, because there is still a wealth of material to cover. In fact, with only two remaining episodes and so many running subplots, the finale will undoubtedly leave many questions unanswered.

I went to see Mission Impossible: III last night. It was pretty entertaining, and probably the best of the three movies. India and I have this joke about Tom Cruise being the best runner in Hollywood. Dude can sprint like a madman, and he manages to do so in just about every movie. Who cares if he is batshit crazy? If the safety of our nation is on the line, and you need someone to BASE Jump off of a building and sprint ten city blocks through Shanghai to secure the Rabbit's Foot, is there anyone else you want doing it besides Tom Cruise? I didn't think so.

It was worth $ 6 on a Tuesday night. I liked it.

As long as I am reviewing things here, I have given the new Pearl Jam disc a thorough listen. It's damn good. They are on top of their game and Rockin' the Free World.

On a completely unrelated note, it has been sunny and in the mid-80's the last couple days in Bozeman. Summer is here.