Friday, September 15, 2006

Mother, should I trust the government?

There is a WINTER STORM ADVISORY for the mountains here! I bought my season pass yesterday. They changed the options this year, and my pass covers both Big Sky and Moonlight Basin this year.



Jay Z is coming out of retirement. The new album will be out this fall. Most readers here probably aren't into hip-hop, but you should know, he really is the best rapper alive. Check the Black Album if you don't believe me.


My maid, Destiny, rocked my house to a level of fresh-smelling cleanliness heretofore unseen. I actually get a slight buzz when I walk in. I am enjoying it now, because my stinky, smelly, oh-so-lovable dogs are the yin to Destiny's yang. (Yan?)


Shit Mitten has another big gig tonight. We are expecting a big audience of 2, Aden and Alicia, but they may well be in the other room. I actually worked out a few new songs, since really all I do after I get home from the gym is stand there and play guitar for a couple hours and watch Deadwood or Entourage reruns.


I cannot believe I forgot to post this: There was a kid at the gym on Tuesday who was on the elliptical wearing one of those douchey little cowboy hats. The kind with the tightly rolled up sides. Like the guy from Poison or Madonna wear.





I was practically sputtering with a sick mix of glee and utter revulsion.


I am incapable of turning the channel when Ocean's 11 or Ocean's 12 comes on. I don't know why.


I have CNBC on right now. George Bush, with great difficulty, just talked about the Iraqi Regime's nucular program. With all the shit this guy has taken over the last 6 years, I cannot believe he still says "nucular." What a dumbass.

(Hello NSA. Why does my phone make funny clicks?)


It's Friday. And as Wooderson would say,