Saturday, June 18, 2005

Two riders were approaching, and the wind began to howl

Today, I couldn't remember the day of the week (Friday editor's note: Apparently, it was actually Saturday, which would explain why Bells wasn't wortking.), and I sure couldn't remember the date (June 18th). When I finally figured it out by going online, I realized the sale of our Wisconsin house was closing today. I made a call and found out everything went just fine. The check is on the way.

My mom is visiting, and is helping us unpack boxes, set stuff up, etc. It is nice that she is here. She is great in the intangibles department, and by that I mean keeping spirits up...

Our friends, Bells, Alicia and Aden came over today.

Here is Bells & my mom:

Here is Aden:

Alicia asked me if I missed my job, and I realized I hadn't even thought about work since the day I walked out, about three weeks ago. I guess the answer to that question is, "No."

Today, I tried to put together some type of dresser, but all the parts weren't included. I got as much done as I could, then I put up mailboxes for our house & the house we're going to rent. I already found a renter. The rent will cover the mortgage, insurance, taxes, & homeowner's association fees, plus about a hundred bucks a month.


Anyway, it was a beautiful day here in Bozeman.

We hung out in front of the house...

P-Diddy rolled around in doggy heaven.

I took pictures...

Puck is going to bed now.

Me, too.