Friday, June 17, 2005

Did you get some silver? Did you get a little gold?
What did you bring me, my dear friends, to keep me from the gallows pole?

Well, we're here. Rock us like a hurricane.

It wasn't easy.

But we're here, in the house. Truck is unloaded and gone. There are boxes everywhere. Slowly, but surely we are unpacking and setting up things.

Somewhere during the course of loading the truck in Wisconsin, I injured myself. I tore something in my hip flexor area. It is really painful, and there is a huge black and blue mark from the blood drainage. So I cannot exercise, which is bothering me.

Bells brought a couple co-workers and my real estate broker found a couple high school grads. I forked out a couple hundred bucks and the truck got unloaded.

We have way more shit than we need. So, naturally, I used that as an excuse to get some new things... like this computer, for instance. I bought a new desktop, a new laptop and a router. Yay.

I am going to get out and about with the digital camera and get some pictures for all y'all to check out.

This is a fantastic town. There is awesome food everywhere, and a sweet food co-op. I will never eat fast food out of necessity again. There is just no need with the vast array of good eats that Bozeman offers.

Once this injury heals, I am strongly considering getting away all by my lonesome and hiking a portion of the continental divide trail, to sort of clear my thoughts and decide what direction to go next. I want to take around a month, with no phone, no tv, no nothing. Just a trail.


I'm home.