Thursday, September 27, 2007

I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger


What's crackin'?

Not much here.

I pretty much sit cross-legged on a mountaintop and chant for snow.

It was a long day today.

It hit 84.

Times like that, you wonder if the chanting is even worth it.

I guess we all have our down days.

I just have to keep my chin up.

And my mind open.

I am starting to stress a little over what I am going to wear for Halloween this year.

Curt called me today and invited me to fly back to the Dam. We worked our first job together when we were 14. We were hired to pick sweet corn for a local farmer. We were not model employees. Being fourteen, and heady with the thrill of being paid $ 3 an hour (Yes, I am Old.), our work ethic left something to be desired.

After all, the longer it took, the more we got paid, right?

((That philosophy served me well as a lawyer. They say you form your work ethic early in life.))

Curt, another kid, Andy, and I would throw corn at each other, or spring up from the row every once in a while and say, "Welcome To Hee-Haw!"

After a while, we determined hanging out and acting stupid was a better use of our paid time than picking corn, so we stomped out our own little crop cricle in the middle of the field. That way, we could hang out unseen, surrounded by 7 foot high stalks of corn.

Pure genius. We had it all figured out.

We also got fired. The crop circle was but one of many reasons for our dismissal. There were also alleged issues regarding productivity, a sudden appearance of 50 apricots inside the cow pen, as if they had been thrown there by someone who didn't know that cows don't eat apricots, regardless of how many are available.

Additionally, there was talk of "comments" that may or may not have been made in response to a senior citizen walking along the highway, inquiring about the availability of asparagus.

Who was to know he would walk up to the farmhouse and report said alleged transgression?

Of all the luck.

(((That's what you get for hiring three 14 year old boys. Is that even legal? Outside of Thailand, anyway?)))

Like I said, Curt called.

He was driving by the farm in question today, which is still an ongoing business, despite the incidents in 1984.

They had a huge sign advertising a corn maze.

Curt wondered if we somehow, through our crop circles, planted the seed for that idea.

I wonder.