Friday, September 19, 2008

Someday we'll go all the way

A music-related post:

1. I am pretty excited. My Morning Jacket is coming to Bozeman on September 30th. We have good seats. I absolutely love their new album Evil Urges. This will be my second MMJ show, the first was at last year's Lollapalooza. Yay!

2. Eddie Vedder recorded a pretty cool tribute song to the Cubs:

3. Finally, and most importantly, some news on The Mitten:

- A version of The Mitten will be playing in downtown Bozeman tonight at a store anniversary/owner's birthday party.

This version will just be me, so a touch of the jitters are definitely in effect.

(By the way... WTF? This band has more members than Earth, Wind & Fire, even if they are scattered across the country. Stanette is in Georgia, CARP is in Eau Claire, Bells is in the woods, Omar has his daughter, Matty has a dinner date, Tony is in the Dam, K-Top is in Madtown, Jimmy is in Superior, Aden is 4 and his uptight parents won't let him drive to the gig, Garrett is in L.A., and Cairn is busy. I am probably missing a few people, stage dancers, roadies, groupies, and the like.

Here I am, left alone to carry the flame.)

I'll probably play the Cake-i-fied version of I Will Survive, Can't Buy Me Love, and maybe something else.

-A more full version of The Mitten will be throwing down in the Boogie Station tomorrow. Matty, Bells, Cairn, myself and maybe Omar. Despite having 26 members of the band, you may be shocked to know this is the first time we've had a two guitar, drums and bass lineup.

I'm actually much more excited about this than the first one.

Happy Friday.

(Wow. A whole post with no swearing. I have a couple readers who don't care for my salty language.)

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