Friday, October 26, 2007

Are you happy? Are you satisfied?
How long can you stand the heat?


Red Sox are up 2-0. Stick a fork in the Rockies.

But, more importantly (to me), BC beat Virginia Tech on a last second touchdown pass down in Blacksburg, Virginia. This is HUGE. I am pretty sure BC has never been ranked this high. I think in the Flutie era they peaked at # 4.


As is per usual of late, we had a beautiful Indian Summer during the week, and as the weekend approaches, it is cold and snowing/raining. I spent a nice day up in Helena with Charlie-friend-of-Husker (that is his native american name). (Maybe I should have called it "native american summer?")

Charlie showed me around Helena, which has some beautiful, historic buildings, including the 100 year old Windbag Saloon. It is set in a gulch, and you can be in the mountains in a few minutes from Charlie's house.

He showed me some trails and drove me up and down a couple of really pretty drainages where he likes to get out and run.

It was a nice afternoon. Thanks, Charlie.


If it stays crappy, I will probably spend umpteen hours learning umpteen Christmas songs. There is this "Christmas Stroll" event in Bozeman, which is pretty much like it sounds. We were asked to play at a friend's business downtown.

Naturally, I started making suggesting songs I already knew.

"Is Dead Flowers a Christmas song?"

No, it isn't, and neither is anything by Nirvana or the White Stripes.

"How about Plush?"

It's about a serial killer, Joe.

"Well... we could make it Christmas-y."

So, anyway, I'll be learning Santa, Baby and whatever the name of the "Chestnuts roasting" song is...

It will be good for me. See, like the rest of America, I fear the unfamiliar.

I think we'll learn some others that could be considered vaguely Christmas-y, like Imagine.

And maybe some late-era, fat Elvis choreography as well.

Because I need to wear a body suit, sweat profusely and pull a groin with some karate kicks.