Thursday, October 11, 2007

She dreams in color
She dreams in red

What if I told you that I have become a ... ?

Objectively, I can tell you that is indeed the case, even though it is a loathsome thing to admit. Why would I even want to tell you that? It's like telling you that I can .... a little.

A. What do I get out of making that statement? Nothing. None of you are actually going to ... with me. You couldn't keep up if you wanted to. I just bought an avalanche transceiver. And a shovel.

B. So, why, really?

Well, I am telling you that because I have been .... roughly 30 hours per week for the last several weeks, and I don't really have anything else to say.

I have been ... a lot of ... until the snow flies. I also go to the gym and work, but really, I just ... a shitload of ...

I took these picturea some time ago:

Like I mentioned, I really miss my dog. I think about him every day.

Oh, well. That's why he'll be back again.