Monday, August 17, 2009

A human being who was given to fly

I have been getting a lot of exercise recently, and I have been playing a lot music, both of which do wonders for my stress level.

Been grooving on the Les Paul almost exclusively, with respect.

I have also been teaching myself to play the organ.

I have learned the major chords and a few minor chords.

Tenatively bringing the left hand along, and slowly, slowly starting to use my feet.

That's three things to watch ... at once.

Waaaaay harder than walking and chewing gum.

If I tried to chew gum while I played the organ, the gum would definitely end up in my hair.

We're headed to Glacier National Park next weekend.

You will like those photos.

I bid you adieu, my friends.

May you have sweet dreams of sausages, eggs, crispy hash browns and sourdough toast to sop up the yolk.