Sunday, June 17, 2007

When the wind blows
And the rain feels cold
With a head full of snow
With a head full of snow

Check out this story about Elvis, dying on the throne.

An excerpt:

It was Ginger who discovered him around 1:30 in the afternoon that day, after he did not respond to her queries at his bathroom door. Finding it unlocked, she pushed on it and encountered him laying on the floor, facedown in a pool of vomit, his pajama bottoms around his ankles.

We're all just trying to get by,

Trying to make it.

^^That's Howlin' Wolf. Doing Evil. You really should check it.

He breaks it down and speaks the truth in the middle.

If you don't know who Howlin' Wolf is, and you read this... well, you better recognize.

This whole thing is coming down.

I know.

One day, the black helicopters are going to come and soldiers will slide down the lines.

It will be just like Red Dawn.

Does anyone besides me remember that movie?


It was Swazye and some of his dudes, like Ponyboy and some other greasers.

Make no mistake, though.

It was all Swayze.

Thunderclouds rolled in today.

We went to a coffee shop. She looked at the want ads. I drank as much coffee as I could.

Later, I took a righteous dump.


Black Power!


I assume you come here to get a taste of just what it is like to live in Montana. I can see where you all come from. There is a lot of Jersey. A lot of California. On Wisconsin. England. Canada.

Those are the frequent fliers.

I have over 4000 pictures on photobucket.

You can type in joemilitello and poke around. It is open.



^^That is the last time the Beatles, all four of them, played in public.

Kids these days.

^^Spend a minute and check it out. They invented rock ond roll.

(Or did Elvis?)

((I think Elvis smuggled small Mexican children across the border in his colon.))

Things roll along.

Yhose last few pictures were taken in tne A-Z chutes at Big Sky,

It's the kind of terrain that makes your testicles retract into your body.

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