Friday, January 19, 2007

All the precious moments... cannot stay

Make of this what you will...

Ever get the feeling you've been swindled?

Livin' on a thin line

This is a guest blog, from my boy, K-Top, brother of T-Rex.

so i think i know why...
so when we as the bloggites update our mundane existence during the workaday duldrums in our cubicle...(which btw way the have now replaced for us with stalls modeled after the dairy industry's cow pens)

we click on the youtube icon only to have that load and blare into the office around only to confirm the suspicions of that one guy there who is always watching for signs of erratic behaviour to go to human resources with a full report.
thus ensuring we will be "randomly" drug tested and asked by h.r. to come in to see them for "just a quick talk about are things?, have you been stealing office supplies ? where are the bodies hidden ? would you mind terribly taking this psychological profile test and getting it back to me by tomarrow ? " type things... that's never happened to you...
now the only thing really wrong with this whole tirade is that behavior is spelled with a "u" above
how pompass
hope the snow is keepingyou busy all day a the lady is doing the same all night
take care dude

Duder can write.