Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hey nineteen, that's Aretha Franklin

Yo, moptop.

I don't know if you still read this, but I have something to say.


I, Joe Militello, a.k.a The Dude, a.k.a. His Dudeness, a.k.a. Duder, a.k.a. Hot Karl, a.k.a. Elvis, a.k.a. El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing, a.k.a. Yo Joey, a.k.a. THE FPC... I have a confession to make.

I cannot believe I used to hate Steely Dan. I hated Steely Dan. I mocked Steely Dan with the ferocity of a pack of hyenas in a Class V hurricane.

If you liked Steely Dan, I'd jump down your throat like heath bar blizzard and a fat chick with low self esteem.

Nevertheless, moptop, I owe you an online apology..

I now realize Steely Dan is the bomb.

Sorry for busting your balls so hard.

Devil's haircut in my mind

It is time for a new camera. This one we got for free takes only blurry pictures.

Here are some blurry pictures of us from last weekend:

Stanette got a new dress. Here she is, modeling it in the master bathroom. She informs me that she had the boots before. "They're old."

Likely story.

Here are some blurry pictures of the house:

Stanette hates the wet bar.

My office is still a work in progress.

I say "office," but really I just sit there, eat crackers and download music.

Fortunately, I can step right out of my grueling office and relax with my rubber duckies.

Say what you will, but I put the rubber duckies in every time I get in to soak.

Oooh, a waterfall.

Blurry views. We have views of all four mountain ranges. I will take some better blurry pictures for you on a clear day.

Through the garage to the Boogie Station.

It's pretty much a Man Cave. Stanette only rarely peeks her head in there, usually to check if I am alive, or to comment on the smells and sounds that emanate from the Boogie Station.

A couple of blurry axes, and my old blurry snowboard hanging behind them.

Guitars are habit forming. I'm up to six guitars, but my fovorite is the Telcaster, which is the wood-grain one on the right.

Well, there you go. A virtual tour of mi casa.

Maybe the pictures aren't blurry at all. Maybe you just need glasses.