Saturday, August 27, 2005

Did she make you cry? Make you break down? Shatter your illusions of love?
Is it over now? Do you know pick up the pieces and go home?

Sweet song, by the way. So sweet, in fact, that I had to pause this blog entry to figure it out on geetar. Bonus. It is easy.

Probably my favorite by Fleetwood Mac, although "the Chain" comes close. I used to like "Landslide," before the Dixie Chicks vomited all over it and then shoved it down our throats via every media available.

I also like "Tusk," because it reminds me of Your Back-To-Back, NCAA Champion U.S.C. Trojans. The USC marching band actually performs on the track, and they play the song at games, during which the crowd chants "U-C-L-A Sucks!" to the beat.

Ah, good times.
I ran like a fool this morning, tacking on an extra mile and pushing my running time to just shy of an hour. I had an extra bounce in my step, thanks to the I-pod. I saw a pair of majestic-looking red-tailed hawks, circling above the meadow, and then later, I found my buddies, the Harrier Hawks. I saw one of them successfully snatch a small critter. I hope she enjoyed her breakfast, and I was pleased that my scalp was not on this morning's menu.

Then, I made the world's most disgusting smoothie. I was just rooting around the cupboards and frig, throwing shit in the blender. Suffice it to say, the smoothie was green. I choked it down, though.

We watched an interesting foreign film last night called "A Very Long Engagement." We ordered it on Netflix because it starred the same actress from "Amelie." If you haven't seen "Amelie," do so. It is a good movie. This one last night could have used some judicious editing to bring it from 2:15 down to a more manageable 1:45.

It was sort of a mystery, but an odd mystery, set in World War I. You followed the lives of 5 French soldiers who had been court martialed and sentenced to death for "self-mutilation." Basically, they shot themselves in the hand to get sent back from the front. The method by which they were to die was by sending them out into the "No Man's Land" between the trenches, until they were shot or blown up.

The actress from Amelie was engaged to one of the condemned soldiers and she refuses to believe he is dead. She tracks down relatives, lovers and friends for the other men sentenced to death, as well as everyone who came into contact with them, and pieces together clever clues... I won't wreck it in case you choose to watch it. It was good. I give it a "B."
It is too damn nice to be inside blogging and reeading about utilizing options as investment hedging strategies.

I'm overdue for some hiking and pictures.

Rock on, kids.