Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yeah, you
Shook me all night long

Please click this. Shamanic Cheerleaders. Dude. Please. Shamanic Cheerleaders.

Soooooo, today.

I went boarding with Bells, as advertised.

A triple-trailer semi jackknifed in the canyon.

There was a surprise spring storm.

And, hey, who doesn't appreciate an extra six inches?

Not this guy.

Shucks, I'll take an inch.

The locals swarmed like locusts.

There was a thick layer of pow.

It snowed so hard that they shut down all but one lift by noon.

So we came home and jammed.

Exercised my scary musical talent.

I felt I needed the First Amendment, as I was feeling particularly vocally expressive.

They were launching avalanche bombs into the Big Couloir.

Whaddaya gonna do, huh?

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