Friday, April 11, 2008

Italian mobster shoots a lobster

^^That is a pretty righteous video.

I keep in pretty good contact with my friends. I have an enormous support group of people. I have my mom and my dad. I have both my sisters. I have Stanette. I have Bells and Alicia. I have Tony and Alison and K-Top. I have Will. I have Dan. I have Quagmire. (Quagmire has decided that OB-GYN is what he is going to do. Mmm hmm.) I have Blain. I have Jimmy. I have Randy. I have Nanner. I have Leo. I have UJ and Carmela. I have people like Ivan, who I have been friends with for ten years and encouraged me to write and be funny. I have FinnDawg. I have Dr. Dan. I have Curt and Lili.

There are more people, but Christ.

I sound like a fucking hippie.

I hate hippies.

Pack your lunch and hitch a ride, you patchouli-stinking, volkswagon-driving, veggie burrito-eating, organic hemp, trust-fund, white boy, dreadlocked waste of a liberal arts education motherfucker.

Pack your lunch and go recycle something.

Fuck jam bands, too.

Phish sucks. Dave Matthews sucks worse.

^^That's what I'm talking about.

Welcome back, readers and friends. It is the final weekend for Big Sky.

It's nice to know you have a safety net.

Unless, of course, there is no net.

I am going to bed. It's a big day tomorrow.

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