Saturday, January 23, 2010

John Henry Bonham

There it is, assembled. It is missing a couple toms, but it is just about there.

Sitting back there is like having your hands on the controls of the Death Star.

We're going to destroy Alderaan.

With a huge laser.


Thank you for your wine, California

The Boogie Station received a gift.

A friend asked if I could hold an eleven piece, double-kick drum Pearl drum set.

That is going to be a beautiful thing.

Here's me, trying to rock one out, with middling success:

This is another, plus a touch of comic relief:

I just found out that there is a taxpayer funded chaplain position for the US House of Representatives ($139,000/yr) and for the US Senate ($ 122,000/yr). Plus each chaplain has a staff...

For some reason, this sparks mild outrage in me.

Church, state, all that.

Why can't they just go to church or tenmple or mosque for "spiritual guidance?"

Because Senators and Congressmen are sooooo spiritual, moral and ethical.

Glad I am paying for that, among manyother things.