Monday, September 19, 2005

It's just a simple fact
When I want something, and I don't wanna pay for it
I walk right through the door, walk right through the door

I like not knowing what's next.

What is over the next ridge?

What is around the next bend in the river?

Should I drop in on this run into this glade... what is beyond that drop-off?

Some people like predictability. Some people thrive on a regular routine. Some people vacation to the same place, year after year, and even stay in the same hotel every time. Some people travel thousands of miles and search out restaurants that serve the same kind of food they can get at home.

I guess it is a comfort thing. Maybe it is fear of the unknown.

To me, the unkown is what makes life worth living.

We hiked up to the "M" today.

It was very, very steep. We could look down to the fish hatchery that we visited a month or so ago...

The city of Bozeman lies just behind the foothill in the middle of the picture.


Have a lovely day.