Thursday, February 22, 2007

I really think I better get a hold of myself
Don't wanna let the night get ahead of itself
Whisperin' her love through a smoke ring smile

^^ Beck, "I think I'm in love."

Check it out.

These dudes in New Zealand caught what is believed to be the largegt Giant Squid ever caught, (As always, you can click this link and another window will open up, allowing you to keep the Duder in a cozy little corner on youre taskbar. In this case, you will get an article about the squid.

Check it and come back here.


I am almost embarassed to admit what I have been up to. I have been making up for lost time on the hill. Big Sky got a foot yesterday, and they are getting another 9 inches tonight.

There were "whiteout" conditions for much of the morning. This basically means that the top of the mountain is socked in a cloud, but the sun is shining in a diffuse manner, basically making it impossible to see more than an arm's length in front of your face. It becomes so disorienting that you get a vertigo sensation, and on a really steep slope, with really deep powder, you aren't even actually sure if you are moving or not. And then you say, wait, I am moving.

It is so weird, I cannot describe it adequately with words. The closest thing I can compare it to is being put under for surgery, except if you are

Here is a very brief, very steady video of Bells, tearing ass through the trees.

We were very lucky that nobody was there today. We spun laps on the tram. Check out the harsh line we had to wait in.

This is a feature in one of the terrain parks.

I am happy.

In 48 hours, I will be in a different, much warmer place.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, around the back of the tram building, there is a porta-potty where you can run and pee quick, if you time it right.

I ran back there, since we rode mostly empty trams all day, but I had to laugh at this:


Some of you pervs want to see pictures of Stanette.

Here is what you get instead.