Thursday, June 22, 2006

You know we're never gonna survive
We get a little crazy

It's been a real interesting week.

Things are kind of swirling around, keeping me bobbing around in the current, falling asleep on planes and waking up in different cities.

There are a couple of things I should get out of the way here:

My friend, Blain, and I were discussing what movie we would see. I was lobbying half-heartedly for X-Men and Blain was pushing for The Break Up. When we turned the corner in the Mall of America and saw the poster for Nacho Libre, the debate ended.

I believe it was made by the same people who did Napoleon Dynamite, which was the best comedy of at least the last 3 years.

I can recommend Nacho Libre for anyone who likes Jack Black, and enjoyed the slower-paced comedic stylings of Napoleon Dynamite.

And if you don't like Jack Black, I understand. He's not for everyone.

Just like nuclear weapons and kielbasa.

Nonetheless, we at The Dude Abides worship at the altar of Tenacious D, and we liked Nacho Libre.

It wasn't Napoleon Dynamite, but there were several points where I was laughing my ass off.

There were also several moments when I was the only person laughing, and laughing loudly at that. Those moments make me feel mildly retarded when they occur (more often than you would think), but I hold real still, and after a minute, I no longer feel mildly retarded.

It's not so bad, feeling mildly retarded.

I imagine it's what a lot of people felt like during the disco era.

On another note, I had never met a Somalian in my life until this weekend, when I met four Somalian cab drivers. They appear to have a lock on the Minneapolis cabbie market. They are very proud of their status as warriors.

Just recently, Ethiopia sent 3000 troops into Somalia. (Somalia has coastal access; Ethiopia does not. Ethiopia wants coastal access.) The Somalians killed 1000 troops, wounded 1000 troops, and the remaining 1000 turned tail and fled.

The Somalians have one language, and one religion (Islam), while other countries in Africa have multiple religions and multgiple languages, which, according to the Somalian cab drivers, makes them an inferior fighting force.

You may remember the Somalians laying a hurtin' on the good old U.S. of A, as depicted in the movie Blackhawk Down.

And the cabbie reminded me that during that conflict, there was only one Somalian tribe involved in the fight with the US.

Imagine if the entire city of Mogadishu had been fighting us.

Anyway, to sum it up:

Nacho Libre = funny.

Me = intermittently muildly retarded, but OK with that.

Somalians = badasses.