Saturday, November 04, 2006

Everybody's got something to hide
Except me and my monkey

I went to Belgrade.

Had some soup.

Bread, too.

And a frankfurter.

After that, I went to Norris Hot Springs.


At Norris Hot Springs, they have bands that play in a geodesic dome, like the Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

You soak; they play.

The bubble is to protect the instruments from the steam coming off the pool.

The music was bluegrass.

After that, I played some acoustic guitar in the garage with Chris.

"Don't Be Cruel."

It was good.

Then I slept.

Today, I babysat for the first time in 25 years.


I had been pestering Bells and Alicia to go on a date, while I watched Aden.

They showed; we switched cars.

(Because they have the car seat.)

They took off, to see The Departed and have dinner.

We went to the park.

With Puck.

We done swang on some swings.

We done slid on some slides.

We done threw rocks in the river.

Then we took a walk in "The Bob," a three-wheeled stroller/urban assault landspeeder.

Aden fell asleep.

Puck checked his pee-mail.

We got into the car.

Aden was sleeping peacefully, so I just kept driving.

Bells' new car has built-in Sirius radio.

They have an all-Stones-all-the-time station.

We drove up Bridger Canyon.

I saw around 30 mule deer, hanging out in a hay field.

I ended up driving for a couple hours.

And it was good.

Little Duder slept the whole time.

I never had to change a diaper.

Basically, tossed a sippy cup at him, a few goldfish crackers and some apple slices.

And that was that.

Adventures in baysitting.

Me, babysitting.

I know, I know.

You're asking.

WTF was Bells thinking?

They liked the movie a lot.

The plan was for them to come to my house, but since I was rolling like Air Force One, I met them at the theater.

They were pretty shell-shocked from the movie.

Intensity in Ten Cities.

But when they walked up to the car, their faces just lit up.

And why not?