Thursday, July 07, 2005

The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think.
Oh, by the way, which one's "Pink?"

Runnin', runnin', runnin'. I am fully acclimated to the altitude now. (Bozeman is 4000 feet above sea level.) I am up to about 6 miles a day. No walkman, no I-Pod. It's pretty relaxing, and I observe a lot more of what is going on around me.

There are a lot of hawks around here, as I have documented copiously here. Ravens are also abundant, and they grow very large.

This week, though, I have noticed that small red-winged blackbirds frequently harass the hawks and ravens as they fly, flitting around the larger bird, pecking at them and causing the hawk or raven to fly erratically. I asked my friend, Bells, as he is very knowledgeable about wildlife, and he explained that the hawks and ravens will prey on young blackbirds, and the blackbirds are defending their territory. They pull some serious evasive maneuvers. Today, I saw a raven pull a barrel roll into a dive to get away from the red-wing blackbird.

I have a new found respect for the red-wing black bird.

The house is really coming together. I had a meeting with the builder to tie up a few loose ends. I also looked at some commercial properties, which were pretty damn pricey for a small town. The best "bargain" was $ 670,000 for 2.39 acres of raw land, zoned commercial, within city limits, just off a very busy road. Considering that you would have to put buildings on the property, you had better draw some serious rent to make your nut. It was interesting.


Tonight, there was "Music on Main." Every Thursday during the summer, they shut down a block just off Main Street in Bozeman, and bands play. The local restaurants cater food stands, and the bars take their business outside. It is basically a huge block party, with bands. There is even stuff for the kids. They were building wooden helicopters and running around with ice cream cones.

This is a picture before it got really packed:

Tonight's festivities were really well attended, and spirits ran high. The band, coincidentally, was bluegrass. (Just like the band yesterday.) The band was called The River Kane. I am actually developing an appreciation for bluegrass. Who'd-a thunk? There are some damn good guitar, mandolin and banjo players in this genre.

Here are some folks cutting a rug:

After that, we just cruised around town, exploring.

Here is the famed Big Sky:

Adios... gotta boogie-oogie-ooogie. Big hike tomorrow.

Well, here comes Johnny Yen again
With liquor and drugs
And a flesh machine
He's gonna do another strip tease

(I still shake my head and laugh that Royal Caribbean Cruise Line chose that song for their advertising campaign. Did they listen to the words? Maybe... and maybe that cruise line offers very special evening entertainment...)

For no real reason, other than that I really like this picture:


I was watching a show called "Avalanche Dogs," and they displayed a graphic that said a dog's sense of smell is "50,000 times stronger than a human's."

While I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of this statement, I do wonder why dogs insist on jamming their noses right in each other's asses when they meet. Technically, shouldn't they be able to smell each other's asses at 50 paces?

Is the bouquet so sophisticated and so complex that I simply cannot comprehend the broad spectrum of pure, olfactory joy produced by dog ass with my mere human nose?

Nevertheless, when I walk into a room with only 1/50,000th of a dog's sense of smell, I can tell right away if someone dropped ass. I'm no dog, but if there was Taco Bell involved, I usually can tell that, too.


My friend, "Quagmire," just quit his job and started a blog. If you like this one, you'll probably like his, too. He's very funny. And, no, if you email me and ask me who he is, I won't tell you... so don't bother. If you already know him, you'll figure it out quickly. If you don't, well why do you want to know?

Although, he is the kind of guy who would probably actually enjoy an internet stalker.

Here is the link:


We're doing another big hike tomorrow, so I will have some more wilderness & wildlife pictures for you all.

We are also going to Costco in the next couple days, which I will be sure to document and photograph for you. I have never been in a Costco, but I have been in a Sam's Club, and I am told they are similar. Inside Sam's Club, I have seen all manner of wildlife, often feeding, and I have frequently wished I had a camera. (I guess I could have picked one up there, but who needs twelve digital cameras, packaged in a 24"x36" indestructible plastic package?)

Negotiations continue for a photojournalistic documentation of the contrasting yoga "styles" exhibited by India and me.

Something may be forthcoming.
Here's me, shredding the shit out of the sledding hill at the Girl Scout House at age 8:

That's, like, three feet of air.


I've recently submitted applications at all the local brothels for the position of "Madam." Really, I'm just looking for some experience before I open my own place, but I didn't put that on the application.

I also sent a slew of cover letters and resumes to various companies seeking employment as "Artist-In-Residence," "Poet-Laureate" and "Freelance Shepherd."


Peace out. I'm all coffee'd up, and it's time to stop typing and start livin'.