Thursday, January 26, 2006

I was on the outside, when you said you needed me
I was looking at myself; I was blind; I could not see

Will Ferrell and John Stewart have severely impaired my ability to absorb the content of anything George Bush says on radio or television.

I have to view written versions in order to learn about our nation's policies and initiatives.

I just can't take any live media broadcasts seriously, as I find myself chuckling at his speech patterns, malapropisms, facial expressions and pronunciations.

Just this morning, I was trying to listen, only to find myself imitating his nervous laugh/snort like John Stewart.


I have spilled coffee on my pants three consecutive mornings.

The best part is, I got the same pair of pants on Day 1 and Day 3. I would have nailed them on Day 2, but they were in the wash.


I met a girl tonight who is studying/tracking the wolves in Yellowstone. This week, she was part of a team that rode around in a helicopter, shooting wolves with tranquilizer darts, and fitting them with radio collars.

That's badass.

Totally badass.

I am having a hard time thinking of a more badass way to spend your work week.

Well, taking depositions is pretty badass, too.

"Was that a 'yes'? You have to give a verbal answer for the transcript."

Take that, bitches.

She also told me that the wolves mate once a year... always around Valentine's Day.

So Hallmark got to them, too.



I don't think I am going to bother with the Super Bowl this year.

I just don't give a flying fuck.

Can't muster up one for the big game.


I just don't have many flying fucks to give.


Another storm is coming.

I have summoned the nerve.

My legs are ready.

I have a helmet.

The Big Couloir is going down.

50 degree pitch.

2000 vertical foot drop.

10 feet wide at the skinny part.

No bailout option.

No room for error.


It's time.

I am getting tired of seeing the Baddest run on the mountain and knowing I have not taken it down.

After all, I've taken depositions.