Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm already cut up and half dead
I'll end up alone like I began

I have a working camera. Two, actually. Alas, I haven't unearthed the cords that connect to the computer. All in due time, grasshopper. All in due time.

I had a great weekend back in the Dam. The class of '88 threw down like James Brown. I got to hang out with my whole family, nieces and brother-in-law included, Tony & his family, Curt, K-Top, Carol, Larry, Lori, Terry and some other Dude Abides readers.

Nobody even really cared that we (sister Liz & I) crashed a reunion that wasn't ours.

Hopefully, my life will normalize shortly. I feel like I was robbed of my summer by helping two friends move (two weekends), selling the old house, buying the new one and remodeling it.

Some people in Georgia claim they have the body of a Bigfoot. That's sweet. I hope it's true that there are Wookies running around.