Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So, friends you get some silver
Get a little gold
What did you bring me, my dear friend
To keep me from the gallows pole

I had the strangest day today.

I took the wrong keys.

Then, at work, I got two calls. One was from San Francisco; one was from New York. The first wants me to do one kind of training; the other, another.

The two calls involved three layers of management. I basically work for the Death Star, and we're on our way to Alderran.

They need me to put on my blast helmet and man my station.

Dont you look askance at me.

Just don't, you smug son of a bitch.

After that, I talked to my realtor. I am going to move. I need the capability to make more noise.

It's a state of love and trust.

There will be drums and guitars and pedals and lions and tigers and bears.

Oh my.

If this week ever ends, I will be going snowboarding on Saturday and Sunday. The mountain closes Sunday and there is a big fiesta. They dig out a large hole at the base and fill it with water for the 'pond skim.'

People ski or board down, wearing thongs and viking helmets, and try to hydroplane across the water. There are some fantastic, icy wipeouts.

Not me, though. I'm too smart for those kinds of shenanigans.

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