Friday, September 29, 2006

Italian mobster shoots a lobster

UJ just emailed me with a winning slate of potential band names:

--The Courteous Vampires

--Saucy Jack

--Jesus Hates The Yankees

--The Frezzing Giraffes

Those are all pretty good.

Nice marmot.

I fought the law, and the law won

From today's Bozeman Daily Chronicle Police Report:

- A couple was found having sex in a park on South Church Avenue.

- Graffiti was painted on the ramps at the Skate Park.

- A man on Bridger Canyon Road found a dead bird in his mailbox. He also found a dead fish in his mailbox several weeks ago.

- A person told deputies that suspicious people were in the area around Little Brrok Lane. The people were selling vaccuums.

- Two men were sword fighting in a parking lot on Main Street. They were using pieces of wood as swords.


If you find yourself driving across the country on I-90, and you're hungry or you need to pee... do NOT stop in Bozeman.

It is Not Safe Here.

Just hold it for a half hour.

Continue on to Livingston.

Pee there.

In safety.