Monday, August 13, 2007

If hip hop should die before I wake

Sometimes nobody is home.

You call and you think he's screening.

So you call again and decide to head over.

The car is there.

Up the front steps and you knock.


You shift over and peek in the tall window next to the door.


Knock again.

No dice.


He sat at the counter.

He liked to read the paper.

They served a good breakfast, and the waitress was cute.

He would drink coffee; she'd make small talk, with the same familiar rhythm.

He'd overtip. She'd smile.

An oasis from a pair of bad jobs and worse relationships.

Sometimes the little things really do count.



sailors and seasick mamas.


you want details?

i bet you do.

your temples were throbbing in traffic today.

you were beating your steering wheel and screaming.

because you could.

you can say whatever you want, so you do.

and some of it is horrific.

that's what makes it feel so good.

you say things you otherwise wouldn't.


Desert Island Fantasy Situation:

(adding "fantasy," because otherwise it's a bunch of coconuts, a horrific sunburn, facial hair, delusion and an inapprpriate relationship with a volleyball)

((and i used to play a lot of volleyball))

1. Exile on Main Street, Stones

2. Led Zeppelin III

3. The White Album, Beatles

4. The Last Waltz, the Band (((kind of cheating, but hey)))

5. Kind Of Blue, Miles Davis

6. Kid A, Radiohead

7. Unplugged, Nirvana

8. Rust Never Sleeps, Mr. Neil Young

9. July 2003, Alpine Valley, Wisconsin, Pearl Jam

10. Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd.

Honorable mention: Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, Physical Graffiti, Baylon By Bus, Paul's Boutique, Rage Against The Machine, Odelay, Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Ooh La La, The Wall, Abbey Road, Dirty Deeds, Songs In the Key of Life, Joshua Tree, The Black Album


Move over, Rover
And let Jimi take over

The smoke is so thick that I can't see the mountains a couple miles away.


Sometimes I will see someone and wonder what their story is.

I can get lost in this thinking for an inordinate amount of time.


I had my first snowboarding fantasy on Friday. Sadly, it is at least four months before I get to go again.

There is nothing else I would rather be doing.



My neighbor's new puppy likes to lick the backs of peoples' knees. Odd habit, and one I may consider taking up for myself.


This is a truncated, fragmented post.

I have no story to tell.

I have no goods to sell.

I have no wishes for the well.