Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I have faced it a life wasted
I'm never going back again
I escaped it a life wasted
I'm never going back again
Having tasted a life wasted

I'm never going back again.

I just ran 6 miles in the rain.

Because it was raining, I ran fast (for me).

It rained hard, I ran faster.

When I got done and looked at my watch, I did the double-take, bugs bunny head shake, eyes bugging out of my head thing.

In my memory, I have never run that far that fast.

I'm 36.

What's strange is that last week, when it was hot, I ran the exact same distance five minutes slower. That is a pretty significant time difference over that distance.

I guess I felt the need.

The need for speed.


One-two, from me to you... go get the new Pearl Jam disc. Or download it.

It's fucking awesome.

Husker, my friend from Beaver Dam, is on his way here. He is driving through from Oregon, and will stop here in Bozeman long enough to go for a hike and get some food.

I hope it stops raining. The forecast looks pretty glum, though.

I'll find a way to drum up some fun, though. 'Cause I gots it like that.


One of my best friends, Dan-O, a/k/a Henry Hill, had a baby boy the other day. Connor Patrick.

Way to go, Dan-O! Slipped one past the goalie, five-hole!


You know how nature abhors a vaccuum?

So does my cat.