Monday, July 31, 2006

Teacher gonna show you
How to get an A
(How to get an A)
Spell me you
Add the two
Listen to me baby
That's all you gotta do


Simple as 1-2-3.

Really, I don't think anybody has come up with a better dance song in the last 30 years than that freak-show family did.

Do you?


(How to get an A)

I went fishin' and a-kayakin' today.

Oh my golly, it sure was swell.

There was a heeee-uge fire in the Paradise Valley.

Burnin' big, with choppers and planes, flyin' around.

(Shake it shake it baby)

It was big.

I love to hear things that I put into circulation, coming back to me, across the airwaves, internets, interstates, over word of mouth and then right back to the Dude's own ears.

Things like the fact that the Eck is gonna come visit.

So, I met B-Squared and his fam-damily in Bozeman today.

We grabbed some grub at the MacKenzie River Pizza Company, where they have plenty of pizzaz to go with their pizzas.

Y'know what?


There are times when I feel I give you too much exposition.

And occasionally, I feel like perhaps I shouldn't.

So, here is the short version:

We kayaked the Yellowstone, through some surreal conditions.

And we saw some huge pelicans.

I took pictures.

If you'd like to walk a while

We could waste the day

Follow me into the trees

I will lead the way

Bring some change up to the bridge

Bring some alcohol

There we'll make our final wish

Just before the fall

Promise I will be forever yours

Promise not to say another word

Never mind, what's done is done

Always was the lucky one

Watch the sun rise all alone

Sittin' on the tracks

Hear the train come roarin' in

Never comin' back

Layin' quiet in the grass

Everything is still

River stones and broken bones

Scattered on the hill


Sometimes, it's just best if we get the hell out of our own way.

And let it soak in.

Especially when there are pelicans involved.

Pretty cool, huh?


River stones and broken bones, scattered on the hill.

Promise I will be forever yours.

Promise not to say another word.

Never mind

What's done is done.

Always was

The lucky one.