Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Respect the ukelele

^^That is the first time we have not launched a post with a song lyric here at the Dude Abides.

We have done this for a reason.

We don't think you have been taking us seriously about the ukelele.

Respect the ukelele.

Tame the kitty.

If you haven't heard Nas, "Hip Hop Is Dead," go spend 99 cent on I-tunes. If you don't like it, I'll reimburse you. It'll have to be a personal check, and you can't cash it til Friday. At the earliest. Because my paper route check comes in on Thursday, and I can have it deposited that day. The thing is, with this electronic banking revolution, checks clear, like, instantly.

So, really, if you could just hang onto it until Friday, that would be supercool.

Spring has sprung, and March has come in like a tender lamb chop. With mint jelly.

I have my fingers crossed that the lion will roar again in March, because, except for a mere three weeks in February, and a fifteen inch snowcat day at Targhee, this season has been weaker than a Three Musketeers Bar.

And except for that day, and 7 others between February 10th and February 18th. Those days were good, too.

I digress.

The reason I am writing is because the Marlon Perkins Branch of Dude Abides Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Little Lebowski Urban Acheivers, Inc., has made a major breakthrough.

Until today, the elusive House Panther has never been captured making a kill on film.

Until today.

We have photographed the Panther at rest.

And stalking.

We have photographed the prey.

A carcass was found.

Today, an actual kill was photographed for the first time. She took out two of them.

By the time we found her, one was already dead, and she was finishing the second.

I wanted too look away, but I couldn't. It was brutal.


It was almost like she was toying with it. She had clearly eaten her fill, but it stood no chance.

Please understand, we cannot intervene in situations like these. The panther must kill to survive, and the prey is a link in the food chain. Hakuna Matada.

Then, as quick as she appeared...

She was gone.

Magnificent beast.

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